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You will ever wait for It. – Beautiful loser

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Everyone waits for a perfect timing. Duh!!! A perfect timing never exists, it’s just a myth. Don’t just give excuses, creating mental obstacles. There are many people who have thousands of complaints about their life that includes me, I’m not spared even, and we rant about everything that’s causing stress but never take corrective actions.
Stop waiting for the “PERFECT TIME” make your own move, Perfect time is a fiction, If you love someone say it don’t hesitate. If you don’t like someone’s attitude say it it might help them improve their life. If you don’t like something u want to change it, so be a part of that change. Try to be on your own don’t wait you are losing on your precious time.

Life in a fast-track!!!

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Life is hurrying at an overwhelming pace and we are trying hard to catch up with it “JUST DONT ADJUST, MOVE ALONG WITH IT”. If you are thinking, the world around you will slow down somewhere in future you are wrong, our life will never will. Seize control of your life this very moment you get while the opportunities are still within your reach.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”
- Mathew Broderick, Ferris Beuller’s day off.

Learn from the most disgust creature for many, but a teacher for me, THE COCKROACH. I admire its way of movement, stop look and proceed. Make an observation if you find one, it always stops by making a small move, scans for the threat, and then proceeds....
Like cockroach if you don’t make a calculated move with the present scenario. You could miss out on life.

A thought which I picked from the movie “Kung-fu Panda” – Yesterday was HISTORY... tomorrow is a MYSTERY... today is a GIFT that is why it’s called “THE PRESENT”

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