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The Dubai Life....

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To all my dearies, I guess my frequency in writing and blog value has really deteriorated. Its not because i'm not having anything to write. Its just Dubai life is keeping me busy!!! Weekends are not weak ends any more...  Busy with loads of adventures.... Below pics may convey it all.

Its a fun filled life here.. may be I should start photo blogging with a hint of philosophy.

Fun & Frolic Desert Drive
Standing with the beast machine
The Desert Riders 

Middle of  nowhere...

Sheeps of the desert 

Taming the beast


Sheikhs being entertained! 

The Appatakkars (Gang)

And more...


Yaught Club!!!
All ready to kiss the wind!
Kissing the wind!

Infront of the Atlantis!

The attitude...
Long way ahead...

Full of Joy!!!!!!

Loads more to come.... Cheers!!!!!!

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