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Poverty and Reality Sells?

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India the holy land, famous for its rich hospitality culture and customs... Is it what we show others?
Indian cinema & books the mirror and the real ambassadors to the outside world.... the two buzzwords in west these days... what do you think the reason is?

New movies portraying the reality? Poverty? The Oscar winning movie SDM and our reality directors hits like Page 3, Traffic Signal & Fashion. What do they have in common? What are they trying to show the westerners that we are poor helpless and cheats? are they eye openers for Indians or just a negative feel good Films?
Yes these directors have tried to show the best but it is not what India should be known for. This holy land has much more to offer as a part of entertainment.Not to forget about the Booker prize winning book "The white Tiger". I believe one criteria for winning is the sarcasm about
the Indian rural and city scenario and westerners like these kinda stuff...

No doubt Indians are Writing and directing all these stuffs and generating a good chunk of cash I'm proud of it too...
Is it that Poverty & reality the only things that sells now?

Fraud Guru Strikes Back!!!!! as DuDo

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Well the fraud guru started blogging again.... Just stealing time from "not so" busy schedule of mine & scribbling few lines

on the holy book for the frauds & losers loves reading crap. Hope it pics up page hits again. This time I will try to write

in general about the happenings & my views on the things around me. Your Devotion on this fraud will be much appreciated.



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