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Creepy Lizards ET Guest Post

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Thank you ET for such a wonderful comic strip! I appreciate your hard work. Kudos!!
I loved the piece of work :) And thank you for all your support and help that helps my blog grow...


So here's the blogversary comic for Dudo, starring Dudo :)
May your blog climb a lot more colourful heights!
I'm not sure how well I reproduced Dudo's character in the comic. It may not be perfect, because I was essentially pressed for time. But well, let me just hope you all are pleasant and satisfied.

Let the celebration commence!

et with love! :)

Currently have 4 Gossips:

  1. Ha Ha..
    Now that is one hell of guest post.. :D
    Loved the comic strip.. :)

  2. This was the small conversation that i had with et long back... wid some added masalas hehe... it really was a surprise when he posted me this last nite...

  3. He he! Nice one! :D

    Loved it as always! :)

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