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Wish U all a Happy Diwali

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Click on the card for its full view....

May this DIWALI lighten up your Lives with Happiness, Health and Prosperity....


Update twitter via facebook In India for Free...

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Twitter and facebook are one of the most used and highly popular social networking site.I remember a cartoon, where a man tweets that he will die in the next minute. Many people, especially bloggers like me are very much addicted to twitter and facebook status updates, the first job in the morning and the last one before going to bed is tweeting. Now is a gud news to the status updaters you can update your facebook status via sms... n da same status can be wired to your twitter account by a lil tweak.

Provided if you hav mobile connections like aircel n DoCoMo.. the status updates n sms u send is free of cost... rest connections STD rates is how you do that.

First step

configure your facebook mobile

Facebook has tied up with SMSGupShup to bring you the SMS updates on your mobile. For India, you can use 92FACEBOOK or 9232232665

Once you have verified your phone number through a confirmation code. you can start updating your status via sms.

Now tutorial to update your Twitter automatically with your Facebook status. This is a very quick and easy proces which can be completed in less than ten minutes.
•Make sure that you already have a Twitter account, or do that now

•Go to and create an account

•After you have created an account, log in and click "Create New Feed," select "Twitter" for type of feed, and enter your Twitter username and password and allow twitterfeed to connect to your Twitter account

•Log into Facebook, then go to

•Click the "Your Notifications" link on the right under "Subscribe to Notifications."

•In the URL you will notices the word "notifications," replace "notifications" with "status."

•Copy this URL

•Paste the RSS URL in the "RSS Feed URL" on twitterfeed, change the "Update Frequency" to

"Every 30 Minutes," select how many status updates you want pulled each time, Select "post content" include "Description only" "pubDate" for "Post Setting" uncheck "Post Link," fill in the other settings if you like and click "Save Feed"

•Be patient. I found it took nearly 2 hours before the feed was validated and the sync

began to work properly.

As you can see on my personal Twitter page, twitterfeed pulls my Status Update from

Facebook, then posts it to Twitter.

Painful existance...

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You left my soul without a regret,
now i bare all the wounds inflicted on sorrows,
i look back, laugh and cry, at the time spent alone and hollowed...

Together we spent countless hours on highs, forgetting all the lows,
since u are gone, i'm craving for you each day
The painful existence to which i'm tethered......

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