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DuDo in Love

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I love you and i want this to be the beginning of everything.

Love you BeBo!!!!!

Thx memni for the name :-)!!!

Valentine's day card!!!

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Hi guys this is a small gift from Dudo to all my Dudoism followers. all you have to do is.. take a print and give it to your special one...

Preview of the card after print:

100 CSS Website Templates

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Very huge collection for u folks !

Download and enjoy...

Sorry Guys no screenshots

250+ Microsoft Word Templates

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250+ Microsoft Word Templates

Microsoft Word Templates Help You:

- Save time with 250+ pre-designed Microsoft Word Templates

- Look professional, stay competitive with expertly formatted Microsoft Word documents

- Create complex Word documents.

Over 250+ Pre-designed Microsoft Word Templates can Create:

- Brochures, newsletters

- Advertisements, flyers

- Invoices, purchase orders, past due notices

- Annual report covers

- Expense reports, sales quotes

- Human resource forms, time sheets

- Memos and business agendas

- Fax cover sheets

- Project task lists

- CD-DVD labels

- Calendars

- Letterhead, business cards

- eBooks

- Photo sheets




Dudoism Bookmark

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Dudoism Bookmark by ~shrijit on deviantART

Hi guys Dis is a bookmark created for my readers n frns.. email me your postal address if u need it in print!!! cheers :)

Who is the real hero

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A Video worth watching!!!

Save Tigers.... Campaign!!

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Make A Difference Join: Save our Tigers
Watch The Video: Click here

JuSt 1411 Left... Do you want your kids and Grand-kids to just see pictures and hear stories about tigers??? Plz Support and save tigers... - DuDo a true nature lover!!!

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