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Bidding the aweful year a goodbye

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Enjoying the year end with my close friends in Goa.. Bidding the awful year a joyful farewell.

Wish you all a very happy year end and a prosperous year ahead! 

Dudo ka special tadka - Onion Blues

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Introducing DuDo a special tadka!! Hope you like the series of new comic strips!  
Onion Blues......

Seasons Greetings

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If you are reading this i know you are waiting for my literary updates. Hmmm Yes will update soon... By the time you enjoy your Christmas with your dear and near ones.

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Back in the League

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Hey guys, I know, its been two long months, away from blogsphere. Was busy lately. But I'm back now...

These two months were really... hmmmm... WWW.

 Naaa. not world wide web. I call this phenomenon Wonderful, Weird, Wicked. Guess everybody goes through this at some point of time in their life.

Well i just did....

Lets begin with

  • Had a great time with good old college friends in Goa. Had loads of fun must say every evening. 
  • Was interviewed by National Daily DNA (B'lore)
(Click on the image for large view)
And lottts more to write about, the list is endless....

  • Experienced November rain. God someone really messed with your seasons calander.
  • Had fights with least expected people on earth. ( I wont tell you who)

Well the universe is conspiring against me... Honestly its really wicked. The wickedness continues, "IF" i change my mind, will update it in the days to come.

Oh well its December 1st. WORLD AIDS DAY. 

Only three ways to stop it

Get Tested!!!!

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