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Life Death and the Zodiac

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Everyone is talking about their sun-sign or zodiac change (whatever you like to call it)... Some say i want to remain  Aries, and some Pisces . These superstitions are been followed by masses through out the world from ages. The point is why follow the astrology if it isn't real and these predictions are made by someone who cannot predict his or her future? Well the new addition Ophiuchus to the zodiac proves that you have been following something worthless. There is something called destiny one bound to follow its predefined path and no matter what you cannot change it no matter what! 

Ones life begins from darkness of the mother's womb, 
In pursuit of  light, he confronts ladders and blockades.
No matter what he conquers, he abandons his loot,
With the power of knowledge and life's lessons.
He returns to the world darkness with an internal light.  
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  1. Did you just mention me by mentioning Aries? :P

    I don't know what are the views of those who follow astrology, but for the ones who like it just as a fun read, the changes really don't make any difference, I'm sure! :)

  2. true... but then the new sunsign sounds so cool that I want to have that :D

  3. hahaha lol

    @shomoita no i din specify it that i'm pointing at you. lol. There are many ariens in my friends list who share the same views as urs.

    @rajlakshmi U are free to have it, All yours... as long as you don't follow predictions. :P

  4. Anonymous says:

    I'm also an Arien!!

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