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Bleeding memories!!

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As the days fly by, can't decide 2 laugh or cry. No matter the efforts i givein, more and more i fell terrible within!

My loss to u will b a minor thing, did u even know how much of hate did u bring in?

Your silence will go unobserved, but my hidden bruises wont be unmeasured.
When true love or friendship turns to hate, is it right to celebrate?

I want no more of you, but remember i cared for you!

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  1. hey..more u try more u will feel terrible...just leave it and let time heal the wounds..i was very much like u have cried a lot n finally one day my friend just made me realise "What do you get out of crying? wht do u get out of hurting urself? " and especially when the othe person is never affected...just live everymoment to the fullest..every minute, second, hour u spent in feeling terrible n not sleeping well and crying is wasted rather cud have utilised for better...we just have to learn to be bold and strong..moment u become so the other person will get shock n its ego will be hurt for sure...coz they never expected u to be strong...dnt let others think u r weak n no matter how mch they hurt u will always come back..leave them go away thn they will realise the worth of u.......just relax n be happy n smiling as always because u r special

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