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Firefox 1000000000 + You

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Mozilla firefox celebrates its 1billion downloads. They plan to launch a new site

Ofcourse more important than downloads is the actual no. of its active users. Official stats shows that firefox has gained 22% of browser market. Up by 4% than last year. But the point is that will it withstand the tough competition from safari n da search engine giant's google chrome, which it claims to be the fastest browser ever...

If all of these continues to come at the internet explorers expense! Which is steadily loosing its market share... With the increase in the web users day by day n development in technology nothing can be predicted. All we have to do is wait and watch...

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  1. Firefox is definitely the best.This ,from my exp using diff browsers as part of my work.Chrome is a pathetic combination of FF and IE,and is visibly slower as aginst its claims.IE,not good enough for developers.FF is the performer,resilient and fast! :-)Nice topic!! :-)

  2. @manoranjini thx 4 da comment

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