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Kaminey – A stunning drama : A review

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Kaminey – A stunning drama

Direction: Vishal Bharadwaj

Whell wht 2 say abt this movie.. v can say its the reincarnation of bollywood. we xpect smethin new in every scene.. the movie movie that keeps u hooked up to the screen throughout.. if u miss sme u loose the most of it.... so watch it carefully... Vishal Bharadwaj has given us a new bollywood.. i predict this movie will be a trend setter for new indian movies. this tale of twin brothers rocks..

I'm sure Shahid Kapoor’s performance in this movie will increase his fan counter. what a make over of this guy man!!! thx to da director and script writers for this.

an awsome beginning narration and a tremendous climax...

its totally a paisa vasool movie...

my take on this: 9/10

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  1. Is it a good movie really? I am hearing pretty mixed reviews of it.. Will have to watch it myself i guess :P

  2. Awfome movie

  3. Dude, awaiting a better blog from you and not reviews and news...u know what I mean....where is the real dudoism??

  4. @darshan well i don't really knw abt ur taste... i liked it...

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