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Managerial economics notes

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here is da notes for managerial economics...
Topics covered: Managerial economics
1. What is Managerial Economics?
2. How does economic theory contribute to managerial decision ?
3. Define and explain the Economics with the Views of different economists?
4. Views of the economist : Explanation
5. Major economic problems
6. Macro and micro economics
7. Scale of production
8. Advantage and disadvantage of large scale production
9. Joint Stock company
10. Difference between public limited company and private company
11. Utility
12. Marginal utility
13. Characteristics affecting consumer behaviour
14. Law of diminishing marginal utility
15. Importance of law of Consumption
16. Factors of production
17. Problems in Organisation
18. Localisation of Industry
19. Demand forecasting objectives
20. Price Discrimination
21. isoquant curves
22. Multi product pricing
23. Profit constraint and revenue maximisation
24. Demand analysis
25. What is the basic objectives of a firm? Explain the role and responsibility on Managerial Economics?
26. Profit business objective
27. Maximisation of Managerial Utility function
28. Short Run & Long Run
29. Nature Marginal analysis
30. What are the main techniques of demand estimation? What is their reliability?
31. Trend Projection
32. 10 principles of Economics
33. Explain Baumol’s theory of sales revenue maximization
34. Theory of capital and investment decision.
35. What do you understand by Opportunity cost ?

Manegerial economics
Manegerial economi...
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