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District 9 : review

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The movie that will make you go nuts.. It is an unexpected and unacceptable bond between a man and his alien acquaintance. The movie is a visceral and thumping debut of the young director Neill Blomkamp.

Here is a synopsis"

A spaceship appeared above the city and mysteriously stopped over the Johannesburg. The kind Humans rescued the starving alien creatures inside it and rounded them up in an area called District 9. Quickly the area morphed and became similar to our mumbai slums. The nigerian gangsters prey off the aliens, and they gave a nickname "prawns."

The MBUs the govt weapons manufacturers wants to experiment on them and get ideas for new alien weaponry. They try to evacuate them and give them a refuge to a new area.

Sharlto Copley the main lead in the movie does a positively amazing job portraying this twitchy, even unlikable, mid-level manager. His performance is riveting, his commitment to his character's strange arc is nothing less than award-worthy. He tries to help those aliens to get back to the mother vessel. Wikus (his name) goes through an emotional and physical transformation into a prawn.
For more.... watch the movie...

District 9 isn't exactly sci-fi for the ages-- it's too unclear on what it has to say, and its story ranges too far within the meticulously created world without providing any real insight.

I guess it has a sequel District 10....

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