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Man vs Dog

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Man is always compared with the dog. This is my attempt to write the qualities to learn from them.

I love to write about my lil monstor n wht i learn from his life n share it with u...

Never ever pretend who you are not.

As a food enthusiast love to "eat with gusto" like he does.

"Take naps when tired and stretches before u rise." It is said the yogasana - surya
namaskar is been inspired by the canines.

"Meet and greet the loved ones when they visit home". This shows them respect to others
and indian culture says "Athithi devo bhava" Visitors are god!!

"Let others always know when they are invading your territory." Tell others directly if
they are crossing there limits

But remember to "be loyal" to others. Never give a chance to loose trust on you.

"Practice obedience." Never say no to others if you can help them.

Always observed he "digs and digs the earth deep", guess he wants wht lies beneath. we should learn to find out the root cause of the problem. get enough information about the matter.

"When someone is having a real bad day, be silent and sit close by and nuzzle gently".
Give a few consoling and show empathy.

"Avoid biting when a simple growl will do." Deal every situation with patience, never show your anger to others it reveals your weakness.

"When you're happy, dance around and wag your tail and entire body" rejoice every victory
you deserve it. Through a party to your loved ones.

"No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and right back and make friends" remember the scoldings are the advices, always be open to others views.

"Keep your ears and eyes open" you may not know from where you learn something new and see interesting things.

"Go for a long walk with joy" Go out socialise meet others, and even go for a walk literally it keeps you healthy.

Bow Wow :-P

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  1. hello,
    how are you?
    you have given cool hints here,
    love the expression of the dog!


    Happy Award for you!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Thank you jingle for considering my for an award. i love it!!!

    And thanks for the comment on my Doggie...

  4. wow... nice hints....although i afraid from dogs, but it looks like you are making me to be a friend to dogs now....however, i like one thing about them that they never question feel yourself anytime when you come home, they would love you always....

  5. i truly agree with you and i can understand your feelings coz i myself lost my two dogs last year.nw hav 3 dogs back hme,i miss them each nd evry second of my life...animals r far better than humans in all aspects especially dogs.
    RIP Chikoo

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