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Gravity vs pride!!!

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Sir Issac Newton said "What goes up must come down!!!"

But someone asked me  (a very close friend of mine) "Dude I'm no 1 in this world at the moment, Y do i feel m put down always. I have not reached great heights, why do i feel i have come down? N y do people treat me like this?"

DuDo- "Buddy its not you nor your feelings, what has come down, the one who said all this to you has his ego n false pride up at the periphery which is gonna come down any moment" 

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  1. Dear Shrijith,
    Good Morning!
    I loved the picture!Simply beautiful!
    I will suggest you,when your friend is in low spirits,use simple language that will touch his heart!Noone listens to philosophy while he/she is depressed.
    I would have consoled your buddy,
    My dear.........,
    You are No 1 in many fields.You are a wonderful friend with honest feelings.You are true to your feelings.You have concern for others.God has blessed you in many ways.Please start counting them.
    Have you ever thought of the less fortunate?Think of them.You have miles to go and work towards it.Mehanath ka fahl keetha hotha hain!
    All your five fingers are not similar.Like that people are different.We can't change them.So,let us change our attitudes.
    Aayiram kudangalude vaya moodi kettam,pakshe oru manushyante vaya moodikettuvan pattilla.So,don't bother!Let others say whatever they want to say1Don't listen!
    Prayers work wonders.You are my best friend.I will be with you always''.
    If he is still not recovered his moods,send him to me!:)
    Hey,this is not gossip!My true feedback!
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,

  2. @anu yes u r rgt no 1 listens to philosophy whn depressed.... haha i said similar to what you have told above, but to make it short and the most philosophical way for my post i had changed it!!! :) Thx for your valuable comment

  3. oh such positive words u gave to her....

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