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If you think: "This is not the life you wanted!!!" Frustrated?? 

RELAX You are not unique everyone feels the same at some point of time.

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  1. hey so nice...its true...and helps us in getting back to normal....

  2. Dear Shrijith,
    Good Evening!
    We can make our life,most wanted,with prayers,good will,sincere friends and confidence!:)
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  3. ek dum sahi bola janab.. :)

  4. i really like this blog :)

  5. I really love reading your quotes. Every day, I can read them in Blogger so don't comment. But if the quote does not change, then I that I can see next one. Ain't I selfish? Great work.

  6. You can post thanks here. I will come back to worries :)

  7. @ all Thx for dropping by and liking the blank thought!!! :L

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