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Let me make a clear introduction of my life, first up I have faced many ups and downs. I have never been such good person; everyone in this world commits mistakes and I have made a fair share of mistakes believe me. I will pay for it or maybe I’m already paying for it each day.

I remember few lines from the great song “tujhse naaraaz” written by Gulzar.
“Jeene ke liye socha hi nahi, dard sambhaalne honge
Muskuraaye toh muskuraane ki karz utaarne honge”

This means I never knew that to live we need to face difficulties. Whenever we laugh we need to face difficulties. Whenever we laugh we need to pay back for all those wonderful time with interest by facing sorrow.

These well chosen words I believe completely true. I’m just another guy having a few plans striving hard to achieve it. My living for the day is simple. I do whatever I feel and say whatever my heart says. But some inhibiting forces are causing hindrances. WHY WHY WHY???? I keep reminding myself that I’m a worthwhile person and I will reach my full potential one day.

In the mean time all the others kiss my arse.... I don’t give a damn!!!!
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  1. Anonymous says: was not a Blank thought..
    But a frank one:)

  2. bhai..
    bas tu hi ek hero hai, baki sab zero hai.. :)

  3. @neeya You can say so... :)

    @arpit thx bro... mein khud ek zero hoon!!!

  4. Great, man!! Dudo rocks!

  5. dude-yo-rocks! ;-)

    hey i need a favour man... please vote for me on indiblogger for a contest:

    I bet you will love this post... :-)

  6. Hi there!
    Nice place you've got yourself :)
    The lines you quoted from Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi are my favorites too.. there is a core truth to them that no being can deny. I guess it is best to do what your blood group professes: Be Positive!
    Hope to read more of your write!
    Chin up :)

  7. Regarding your song quote:

    I am afraid I cannot agree with the negative concept of - 'if we laugh today we have to cry tomorrow'. This sort of belief system (drilled into us from childhood) is what prevents us from finding joy in life.

    We need to look at challenges in life differently - see story of 'The Wicked Man Who Loved Fishing' below.

    "There was once a wicked man with no redeeming qualities, who had only one hobby – fishing. When he died he expected to go to hell. But on his death he found himself beside a beautiful lake. He was given a lovely fishing rod. He could not believe his good fortune.

    He threw the line into the water and immediately he got a fish. He was excited. He threw the line in a second time – and immediately got another fish. By the end of 15 minutes he had a basketful of fish and he was getting really bored.

    Then he realized that if he were to continue to catch a fish each time he threw in the line, it was going to be Hell!”

    Moral: This world with all its problems and challenges is a wonderful place for us to experience life fully as humans!

  8. @Gopinath menon : Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my scribblings... The meaning of the song doesn't mean that you will literally cry. It speaks about proportionality. If there is darkness there is light, If there is sadness there is happiness... I compare life as a balance of both... Man has to enjoy both the phases equally.

    Do visit again

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good one shri...superb blog..u have so much Talent i say!!1

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