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If you are depressed of people talking behind your back... Relax you should realize that you are two steps ahead of them!!!

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A TEA-RRIFIC Experience

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Finally got time to update...

Was on an interview rush with Harrisons Malayalam Ltd (tea plantations)(RPG Group) !!!

They follow a strict procedure of scrutiny.... You will literally burn your ass out. Once you clear the written, GD and PI you are sent for an extension interview on one of their estates. I was sent to their Vandiperriyar   (Moongalaar estate) for 3 days...

Man its an awesome place... Breathtaking environment and you are one with the nature's creativity. 

We were put up with the estate manager's bungalow (2 other job seekers). We had to visit the estate its nursery and the CTC tea factory to know the planting and replanting processes, the weeding and pest control, the land maintainance, Employee welfare, all the aspects of labour management and the entire factory processes from procurement of the leaves from garden till the packing...

In a coconut shell (nut shell would be too small) every thing about tea plantations. Finally on the last day we had to submit the report on what we have learned to the estates group manager and he cross questions  us with his expertise on the technical aspects (How deep is the re plantation pit, what is the cure for fungal attacks...)

It was like asking a 2 year old kid "What is mating?", If i could have grasped everything i have seen and or heard from my childhood i wouldn't have been here in this position...

Then the group manager sends the report on us along with our shabby handwritten report (my handwriting is realllly.... beautiful you see) to the head office and we are asked to attend the final interview with the chief of HR and the operations head of Tea division...

The final interview was really cool and i fucked it up!!! I guess they are judging how tough you are and your qualities of quick learning.

The final results are still awaited!!!!

PS: If you are looking for a job in plantations make sure

  • You have a good aptitude
  • An interest to learn something new every day
  • Leave back all your social life or updated with the outside world (plantations are in the remote areas)

You will receive a good salary all the fringe benefits, a beautiful bungalow, servants, a bike etc etc.

If someone says estate life is just sipping a  hot cup of tea relaxing and you do nothing other than enjoying the natural beauty... Think over it again. 

I would say it was a TEA-RRIFIC Experience!!!

Online Visiting Card

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A Visiting card Site inspired by Tim Van Damme

My Complete Profile : Resume Site

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Here is complete profile if anyone wants to know me better :)

Friends :)

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Friendship love and truth
Some close to me,
Some far away, yet so near to my heart...
Picked me up form my broken and fallen thoughts,
Gave me company when i was forsaken and my life bitterly fought.

I'm happy that i can proudly say,

"I always felt our friendship is like peeing in my pants,
Everyone else can see it, but only i can feel the true warmth"

Happy friendship day!!!!

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