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As good as heart can wish
Hello sir,

It was great meeting you yesterday, I'm happy that you had considered me as one of the potential candidate to assist you in the ******** ****** process.

Sir as I had mentioned to you that the work won't interest me. I don't want to commit to the work in which I can't put my 100% to it. I'm toi-ing with some plans in my mind and i wish to pursue it.

I hereby attach the ppt of the work that you had entrusted to me yesterday, hope it helps you, it may contain some errors please forgive me. It was a new learning experience.

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 18:  People use the inter...  
You may think I'm stubborn, But its my 'CAN'T SAY NO' attitude to someone. I have learned many fruitful lessons and  at times bad experiences. I felt good and I'm happy with this decision.

Hoping to meet you in future again. Thanking you

Yours Truly

Shrijit Nair


Dear Shrijit,
                     I thank you for your time and efforts. I am also touched by your feelings, both about your own self and me.

I fully appreciate your stand, and I wish you all the best in your life.

Please note that I shall be more than happy to be of any guidance / help to you.

S B.

PS: I don't wish to reveal the names and the work entrusted. This post is just to give you a chance to know me more... :)

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