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Dudo Defined A dreamy Girl Guest Post

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" Aarti , I want you to write a guest post for my blog " That was the message I got from DuDo .. I was wondering .. Me ? A guest post ? Ummmm that was little odd. You see , I am not a regular commenter on his blog or a great blogger myself ( someday , I will be :P) to write on , but yes , I admit , I have been reading him from very long time.

He isn't like any other blogger, who dreams , fantasizes or pens down only when prompted. His words , if one has noticed , springs out from personal experiences or powerful observation .They are crisp and real. No dramas , no strings.Yet still conveying what he wants to , in right, with careful choice of words. I am nobody to judge him, but I felt he deserves few words ,

"Blank thoughts, Life Bites, Life bleeds
franks words he quips
a image with half smile
and a scar is his image profile
Talkative but listens more
Straight forward and explores
questioning and arguments are just a game
DuDo is his name
words are only he is master of
graphics is his passion thats tops
Social yet a silent spectator ,
hazed vision but mind thats clearer
A calm face with storm that brews
a student of life , but still a guru :P
Topics he shall have lots to talk on
tough is his image to be drawn
And as he walks in pool of life
its difficult to know him ,
is he real or just another fictive ?

Ummmmm Sorry dude I forgot to wish you :P the very purpose for writing the post was this : Congratulation on your 2nd blog birthday :D Wishing you all happiness and success to achieve many a milestones :D

Congrats once again :)

A Dreamy Girl - "Not Just words"

Thank you Dreamy girl you have defined me really well :)

Currently have 3 Gossips:

  1. What a post..
    She defined you beautifully..

  2. Absolutely man I'm really spellbound... no words to thank her... :)

  3. Dear Shri,
    Good Morning!
    Happy Shivaratri!
    Hearty congrats on your second blog anniversary!
    May God Bless You to reach greater heights!
    A blogger who is inspired by nature,
    Who loves to define each and everything in his own way,
    Who loves to start a photo blog soon,
    Who likes philosophy and day to day happenings,
    Who is so helpful and friendly in nature,
    Who is an explorer in discovering mysteries,
    Who has turned out to be the winner,
    Who has been blessed by God in many ways,
    Will surely walk the long miles
    Of life and blogging with enthusiasm and confidence!
    Your friend has defined you really well!:)
    Between in your profile,you can change your occupation...
    Pvt detective ....
    Wishing you all the very best,
    With prayers,

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