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Neeya's Dedication A Guest Post

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To the God of Small Philosophies

We can't control another person's mind
Sometimes we can't even control our mind
But some smiles and some set of words,
Know the magic to change our mind

Here’s someone who is been very special in his strategies ..
He can make us smile in just one click
He knows to make us ‘research fellows’ for one question
And Finally,
He’s a sorcerer who can change our mind with a sentence…at least for a second……

If you are lucky, you are here..!!
And Wonderful Dude Dudo ” Well Done..! As always”

P.S: When Shrijit Nair aka Dudo told me to write a Guest-Post in his fantastic blog as  a part of the  Blogversary,I felt Blank!!I was practically shut from Blogging for about 1 month due to some Pen down strikes and I didn't feel that I am someone who could write without any tension in a great blog!!So finally Here's a Dedicated work to Dude Dudo for which I don't even know what to call,"Verse or Prose" ??
And Hearty Congratulations from a Practical Dreamer:)

Neethu a.k.a Neeya: Hahaha, God of small philosophies... :P Am I ??? Naaa... Just a 'simple' guy with my crazy blank thoughts. And this is definitely not a random scribbling, as you mentioned in the mail. I loved it :) Thank you for your support! 

Currently have 2 Gossips:

  1. love the words, awesome host.
    love your blog, your poetry is impressive!
    Make a contribution to us today, the collection is to be closed within 24 hours.
    Thanks, we value your support. xxx

  2. wishing you the best.
    share one piece with us today, make more friends...

    bless you.

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