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Broken Milestone

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I know guys its been a few days, infact a month since I updated my space. It took a little time to settle down here at DXB. I wanted to update but....some things really kept me busy specially my laziness. The best part is I kissed it goodbye and back to my life of blank thoughts.

The new journey of my career kick-started with a bang! Enjoying to be a part of  a lively dedicated team members who are hungry for more. Everyday is a new learning experience.  Wish to write a lot but words may not describe those experiences.

Blank Thought
On the road of my personal life "Found a broken milestone and marked it as a new beginning.".  In this journey some people touched and some changed my way of looking at life, they walked away without a hitch. I know they won't stay with me forever.... The logic is simple, they have reached their destination. They were here to show me my pathway. And their memories wont fade away.

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