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A tough decision

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Its always surprise when life takes you to the unpredictable junctures to make sudden and random decision. Some may be rough and some may be tough. This random decision changes you upside down.

He cried, but no one saw him,
he screamed, but no one heard him,
he wished, but prayers were unanswered,
he glanced at his watch ticking,
he decided, to move on.... 

"To move on in life is a difficult thing!! But if you don't, you miss out on a lot of interesting things with the time you lost at the pit-stop."  

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  1. Glad to see a post from you after long time. A short but very nice post :))) Where have you been?

  2. Anonymous says:

    A co incidental thought I guess. I had written something same on similar lines. guess great minds think alike ;):P Straight and crisp, that what i like about your words :)

  3. powerful highlight on his emotions outburst.
    well done.

    Glad to see you in.

    Happy Poetry Picnic.

  4. You are so right pick up and move on so you do not miss anything great write

  5. each of your post just keeps amazing me :)

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