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A night with the Cupid!!!

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(characters here: me, the cupid, the words in brackets are voices in my head)
This place, i knw u wont believe i visited the heaven last night, It was magical really, it was my dream, lol.

It's, well, I reminded myself is the fantasy of my mind. Fairies n angels passing me by. But wait!! WOW whoz

this??? guess whom did i meet????

Met the love guru "the cupid" himself. I hesitated a bit to go and talk to him... but gathered up a bit of courage

and approached him.

here it goes....

me: Greetings my lord!!!!(i can't believe i'm saying it)

Mr. Cupid: hmmm Dudo, What brings you here???? oh let me guess... your life is boring, You are single, why don't u have any girlfriend..

Blah blah blah....

me: (My mouth wide open while he said that, then i finally spoke) yeah you are right??? whtz wrong with me? Don't i deserve any one?

Mr. Cupid: Nah its not that... You do deserve my child!!!

me: (Child ???? he looks more like a cute little child, how is he a god?) oh yeah den??

Mr. Cupid: Don't worry, Its just this....

me: (now what?? is he gonna say i'm not ready??? duh)

Mr. Cupid:
I was on my regular rounds on earth.. den i heard a cute lady praying to me..

me: a cute lady (Hope she has brains)???

Mr. Cupid: yes!!!

me: what was she saying???

Mr. Cupid: its nothing she, your partner was praying to keep you single.

me: aaaa... wht?

Mr. Cupid: yes she prays every day. i can't ignore dat!!!

me: where is she??? when will i meet her???

this is when my stupid phone rang....

it was my friend on the phone.... me: for gods sake man its 3:00 am in the morning!!! i knw u work on night shifts,

that doesn't mean u wake me up from a beautiful dream, where i get my address of my future partner...

well i think its more philosophical too "you should be happy with what you have... god knows when to give what"

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  1. Lolz...

    Good write-up...

    Ending is justified too.

    God knows when to give what...
    n more so.. God knows when you aren't looking hard enough...

    But I'd still want Cupid to sign-in into mah drmz too...


  2. I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.

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