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Review - Karthik calling Karthik and Teen Patti

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Oh after a long tym m bak to movie reviews....

Hmmm well they both had a gud star cast, but goes dull at the box office... It failed to work its call and gambling charm on critics as well as public.

Karthik calling Karthik

Karthik (Farhan akthar) a looser in life who is unnoticed by others, until he gets a call from himself. who teaches him how to get the good job, the hot chick (Deepika), the happening life, until he angers him, and ruins everything.

Dont have to write any thing much about it.

Its gud a psychopath movie. Gud attempt for a bollywood movie. Ending was predictable. Farhan did well as the entire focus is on him. Dipika the hot bombshell who had already burnt her finger before and trying to get a new life, played her part well.

My take on this is 7/10

Teen Patti
Another Hollywood movie plot Indianised version of the movie 21 there they try to beat blackjack. here a mathematician Venkat Subramanium Big B) creates an equation that cracks a poker game teen patti. Venkat is invited to the presitigious Cambridge University by Mathematics genius Perci Trachtenberg (Sir Kingsley - excellent actor who played the role of Gandhi) for an award for his contribution to probability theory.

In order to verify the theory he shares it to his junior professor Shantanu (R Madhavan), and three students Aparna aka Apu (Shraddha Kapoor), Sid (Siddharth Kher) and Bikram (Dhruv), all go to a casino and try their hand at the game. They play the game employing the theory and win it. Same as 21. A good masala and a twist in the story towards the end. Hmm not bad. Plz don't compare it with 21. hehe... watch it a gud time pass thats all.

My take on this. 7.5/10

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  1. very updated information. i actually watched this movie the other night. i like it. At least different than typical indian same story.
    good work India keep it up!

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