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Get the Dudoism directly to your mobile.
You can send an SMS “ON Dudo-ism” to 9870807070 to subscribe. This SMS will be charged on standard SMS rate of your plan.
There is no subscription charges or monthly charges !!
Or you can subscribe with your google account.
Click on the following link and follow the instructions to subscribe

I'm doing it on a beta test basis. Please tell me the review and feedback.

Detailed steps for subscription
1.Click on the link

2.Login with your google(gmail) id and password : enter your mobile no.

3.Enter your nickname
4.Enter the phone number and click on “Send verification code”
5.Once you enter the verification code, subscribe to DuDoism SMS to get updates through out the day. For free !!!
Note: If you have already associated a phone number with your google id, it wont ask for the phone number. It will only ask for subscription.
Isn’t it cool ?
Reply if you face any problems.

1.Can I use this service even if I do not have an Indian number?
No, this service is currently available to users in India and requires an Indian mobile number. We are working towards making this service available to international numbers.
2.Will I receive messages if I am on International roaming?
This is dependent on your service provider.
3.How many SMS can I receive per day?
By default, you will receive 10 messages each day. You can increase this limit, by going to the ‘Settings’ link and entering a number you are comfortable with against ‘Maximum messages per day:’
4.Do I pay anything for using the service?
No, you don’t pay anything to send or receive messages using Google SMS Channels.

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