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Embrace the Green Revolution

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Dudoism has always promoted Mother Nature. Once again its back with the a go green lingo “Embrace the Green Revolution”

Fellow followers you might have seen my earth day, environment 350 challenge and save tiger promotional campaigns. This time on the environment day special DuDo is proud to participate in a contest run by blogadda in association with pringoo: ‘Conserve. Recycle. Discover’.

The feeling of conservation should come from within. Being a nature lover, I would say apart form tigers pandas there are many other endangered species of flora and fauna, which are bidding a sad farewell form humans. One such bird is common sparrow, which is hardly common these days. This is because of the rise of concrete jungle. Design and plant a garden or window box, full of flowers that attracts birds, butterflies, and other animals to your yard. Make a bird feeder for your local feathered friends.  And let them quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger in this extreme heat.
A Small step to conserve paper: avoid printed receipts form you ATMs. You could always update it from your bank on your pass book.
Participate in the government schemes to save energy: One such Is the initiative by Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) with Phillips. To give 2 CFL bulbs with exchange of 2  60W bulb and 30/-
 KSEB Providing Phillips CFL bulbs
Conserve water plant a tree are the most common thing you can do. If you think out of the box you could always find something new. Say a big NO to the clothes or objects made of ivory, tortoise shell, coral, or reptile skins. They come from endangered animals or plants.
Eat and drink smart : If you eat meat, add one meatless meal a week. Meat costs a lot at the store-and it's even more expensive when you consider the related environmental and health costs. Skip bottled water. Purify it with a filter or Equipments like aquaguard.
Another step is to forward this blog link to your friends to increase awareness :P
Recycling being a key concept of modern management, One should find innovative ways to use old products.  Buy Handmade crafts made from recycled products, an initiative by UNICEF and CRY, support them indirectly.
 Dudo’s hand made  Key ring made of old cycle chain  
 Handmade cd pouch made of recycled paper and old corrugated Carton box.

 Donate old clothes, books, and toys to places like your local hospital, library, help the poor and the needy.
Take an Initiative to start up a compost management in your neighborhood.
Dudo a discoverer? Haha!!! This is a tough 1 but not impossible…. But i would definitely love to preach to conserve earth via my blog
 While doing small things, think big keep your ears and eyes open. Can’t say when you get struck by a lightning idea.   You may find Dudo with a wacky idea in a near future.
 This entire Post is dedicated to : Pringoo

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  1. Hey dudo.....awesome re...
    Happy environment day
    very creative dude.....hats off man....

    one optimistic statement we should say atleast today is,

    "Be Green today, rather feeling blue each day because of Global warming"

  2. Absoutely WOW! in caps! That cd pouch is so creatively done!

  3. And the key chain looks so professional! Kudos!

  4. @kuni Thx for your valuable comments. i loved it :)

    @Avanti :) its just minimalism. I appreciate dat u liked it

  5. I guess it's gud to show the roads to redemption rather than just cribbing about the problems.. innovative.. especially that atm thing.

  6. Thx Hitesh :) Yes its true we just rant about our problems.


    two awards on the bottom,
    many thanks!

    nice to see you new post.

  8. Very nicely communicated. I am all for environment.

    PS:- I like the bigger fonts.

  9. cool initiative , esp the cycle chain - key chain looks awesome

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