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Run away do you?

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The post this time is quite a serious. Some may like reading it. and some may really wont even bother.

Imagine that...
You are deeply in love with a guy/gal

Your parents against your relationship.
Will you convince your parents, quit relationship or just run away?

DuDo spits on the face on people who cannot convince their parents or even tell openly that they are in a relationship. And if you can't do that you are not in love... or you don't have sauce in your balls. My dictionary of slang is filled with decorative words for such people.

My point here is:

"If these people cant understand their parents in 20-25 years of their life, how can they understand their partners? In just a few months or may be a few years"

I want serious comments on this if you fall in one of the category: (Please mention the category no)
  1. You are in love.
  2. You are single.
  3. You are married.
  4. You are married and have kids.
  5. You are planning to run away.
  6. You are opposing my words.
  7. You agree with my words.

P.S: If you don't want to reveal your name please do comment anonymously. 
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  1. ! & 7 for me

    I agree with you. Love takes courage. You really have to have the balls and believe that your world is about to change if you're in love and plan to have a future with your fella/girly. You can't please everyone and parents really have to be swayed. See, they give you life, brong you up and care for you all these years and suddenly uo turn up with a person and say "I'm gonna marry him/her" and you can't expect them to be cool about it. They have to know him/her and it's a test. It's enduring and it takes courage to last. After all they're parents. Once they see why you're so crazy about your other half and why he/she's worth it, they'll relent.

    Trust me. We know. We've beloed too many papads ourselves ;)

  2. Sorry about the typo errors. I'm typo positive :P

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