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Six words Story II

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Hi guys,Interpret this 6 words story and comment...

Broken WingImage by Write Pics via Flickr

Fell hard, But got up again!!!

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  1. You mean , write up a 6WS for the above image ? If that so , here is mine : Suck all colours of life . Fly :)

    Just an attempt :) Yours is good ! :)

  2. "Lot of Colours,Still I fall"

    Ur story was brilliant!!

  3. thats a nice story in 6 words :)

  4. @dreamygal: Its a gud 1 :)

    @Shriti Thx

    @Neeya Ur is lovely too...

    @Rajalakshmi thnk you :)

  5. Nice story, I decided to link it in the photo's description.


  6. Thank you so much Harold!

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