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Happy Vishu!!!

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Wish You all a HAPPY VISHU

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  1. Dear Sreejith,
    Wishing you A wonderful and Happy New Year!HAPPY VISHU!MAY LORD KRISHNA bless you with His Choicest blessings!
    I feel this post shoud be put under festivals.

  2. Hey Sreejith,
    (I just realised you are the one who wanted to be my friend on youtube account)wishing you also a wonderful new year (if this is a celebration of new year) according to Anu.

    It is always nice to see the other side of your friends and family when its the time of celebration.... i also do believe on religion stuff, but am very lazy in practicing it.

    Keep it up. man...and happy time whether its a new year or enjoy if it is a festival celebration.
    stay charmming.....

  3. @anu Thnq for your wishes and yes it will b posted under holiday

    @tahera Thanq for dropping by and giving warm wishes, Vishu is marked as a agricultural new year as per hindu malayalam calender. Please do visit anu's post for much more delightful insight about this festival

  4. Dear Shreejit,
    VISHU is our main festival and is it just a holiday?Impossible!
    Why don't you change the label into festivals?
    Wish you a great day ahead,

  5. @anu Yes I will do that... but i still feel that vishu is just a holiday for me... its jus a day in my life... a hindu new year!!!

  6. Dear Shreejit,
    Good!For me each celebration of a festval is living life in the roots of traditions and rituals!My study class will change your opinion;but no.
    You must learn from your own experiences!
    We differ in opinions.
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  7. it is so refreshing to be here,
    you shine,
    thank you kindly for your award,
    do I deserve it?

    you are so very kind!
    take good care.

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