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Life Lessons

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You dropped by to learn life lessons,
few manuscript to live your life,
I ain't a saint, but i scribble few words that i know;
Life is busy its not a game to play with.
Pretend to be a honest man,
even if you are the the most crooked.
Don't drink and drive,
you will spill it over by changing gears.
And you will loose your head,
and make it worse.
When going gets tough
remember that this too shall pass.
These are the only blank thoughts
As u can see Dudo is not that wise.
Remember its about the performance not the size
even a screw can bring down the whole factory
I wouldn't ask for a fee for the tips,
Coz there is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness.

PS: Poem is inspired by quotes, So its also a dedication to the original authors.

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  1. ohhh.. nice :)
    liked it :)

  2. @choco Thx a lot :)

  3. awesome advice,
    thank you for showing your poetic talent!
    I enjoy your friendship and Happy Wednesday!
    Happy Thursday!


    5 awards for you.


    awards piled up.
    Best wishes on your studies and life!

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