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Pyromnica - The angel of Fire

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Gleaming dash of red and gold complexion
Enchanting others with the flickering dance.
Glimmering glory and the blazing flame
she engulfs every one in her love game...

Uncontrolled rage in her deep within
swirls around and fascinates.
Awakening the demon inside and letting out the devil to do a sin
Never gives the chance to compensate
and destroys the evil with her power to incinerate...

Hatred, passion, love, doom, life
There is simply no better way to describe her.
In spite the fiery of love and tranceful seduction,
Her virginity is untouchable and truly eternal.

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  1. wow,
    another perspective,
    yet it is profound!

    cool post!

  2. woooow!
    really loved it xD

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