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This Too Shall Pass

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DuDo was very depressed about his life.. But one day at his philosophy class his sensei told him a story. A Story about great KING SOLOMON who inspired him to move on.

It is dedicated to the extremely depressed souls and happy ones too. :)

The story goes like this:

One day Solomon decided to humble Benaiah ben Yehoyada, his most trusted minister. He said to him, "Benaiah, there is a certain ring that I want you to bring to me. I wish to wear it for Sukkot which gives you six months to find it."
"If it exists anywhere on earth, your majesty," replied Benaiah, "I will find it and bring it to you, but what makes the ring so special?"

"It has magic powers," answered the king. "If a happy man looks at it, he becomes sad, and if a sad man looks at it, he becomes happy." Solomon knew that no such ring existed in the world, but he wished to give his minister a little taste of humility.

Spring passed and then summer, and still Benaiah had no idea where he could find the ring. On the night before Sukkot, he decided to take a walk in one of he poorest quarters of Jerusalem. He passed by a merchant who had begun to set out the day's wares on a shabby carpet. "Have you by any chance heard of a magic ring that makes the happy wearer forget his joy and the broken-hearted wearer forget his sorrows?" asked Benaiah.
He watched the grandfather take a plain gold ring from his carpet and engrave something on it. When Benaiah read the words on the ring, his face broke out in a wide smile.

(DuDo's this too shall pass ring)

That night the entire city welcomed in the holiday of Sukkot with great festivity. "Well, my friend," said Solomon, "have you found what I sent you after?" All the ministers laughed and Solomon himself smiled.

To everyone's surprise, Benaiah held up a small gold ring and declared, "Here it is, your majesty!" As soon as Solomon read the inscription, the smile vanished from his face. The jeweler had written three Hebrew letters on the gold band: _gimel, zayin, yud_, which began the words "_Gam zeh ya'avor_" -- "This too shall pass."

At that moment Solomon realized that all his wisdom and fabulous wealth and tremendous power were but fleeting things, for one day he would be nothing but dust.

Lesson That DuDo learned:

It means that when your heart is broken, and you feel like you've been punched in the stomach... this moment will soon be in the past and you will find relief in the next moment. Basically, no matter how bad things get, we as human beings have the opportunity to take something from the situation and move forward. We can make positive, healthy choices and overcome difficulties, pain, loss, sadness, grief, negativity, hurt... anything.... and we can have tomorrow. As long as we are alive, then we have the opportunity to turn anything around with the right attitude and course of action. Whether you have a terrible flu; a really bad day at work; or problems knee deep - "This too shall pass" is a powerful mantra that can empower and transport a horrible moment in time into something hopeful and dynamic.

Nothing lasts forever, even misery or joy.

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