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You are not alone - Part 1

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I think I have really lost it!!!!

No not my mind silly…. My frequency in blogging.
The Indi-rank has come down from 57 – 43. L

Trying to find and remove creative and philosophical clot from my brain, to attempt the untried.  


The days were dull and feelings were unrest. His mind haunted his grandfather Rtd Lt. Colonel Uday Prakash Dessai's last words on his death bed.

“Ved, you are not alone!”

He was orphaned at a young age when he couldn't even recognize the faces.   

All confused Ved began his search of hidden truth.  

To be continued….
  • Predict the ending.
  • Do let me know if you like to read more??? J

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  1. Actually, Ved is an alien-human hybrid who landed on earth on a spaceship crash. His grandpa found him and told him that his parents passed away before he could even know them. Grandpa wanted to tell him before death that he's not alone. Other human-alien hybrids are out there. One he finds the others, together they would possess some power which would show them their way home... their planet. :)

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