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Bidding the aweful year a goodbye

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Enjoying the year end with my close friends in Goa.. Bidding the awful year a joyful farewell.

Wish you all a very happy year end and a prosperous year ahead! 

Dudo ka special tadka - Onion Blues

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Introducing DuDo a special tadka!! Hope you like the series of new comic strips!  
Onion Blues......

Seasons Greetings

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If you are reading this i know you are waiting for my literary updates. Hmmm Yes will update soon... By the time you enjoy your Christmas with your dear and near ones.

(click on the image for wallpaper download)

Back in the League

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Hey guys, I know, its been two long months, away from blogsphere. Was busy lately. But I'm back now...

These two months were really... hmmmm... WWW.

 Naaa. not world wide web. I call this phenomenon Wonderful, Weird, Wicked. Guess everybody goes through this at some point of time in their life.

Well i just did....

Lets begin with

  • Had a great time with good old college friends in Goa. Had loads of fun must say every evening. 
  • Was interviewed by National Daily DNA (B'lore)
(Click on the image for large view)
And lottts more to write about, the list is endless....

  • Experienced November rain. God someone really messed with your seasons calander.
  • Had fights with least expected people on earth. ( I wont tell you who)

Well the universe is conspiring against me... Honestly its really wicked. The wickedness continues, "IF" i change my mind, will update it in the days to come.

Oh well its December 1st. WORLD AIDS DAY. 

Only three ways to stop it

Get Tested!!!!

The Cockroach Theory

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Learning from the nature is an age old custom in India.  I would like to introduce you all something new. I call it: 

 The most disgust creature for many, but a teacher for me. I admire its way of movement, stop look and proceed. Make an observation if you find one, it always stops by making a small move, scans for the threat, and then proceeds....
At Life's Roundabouts...Stop, Think, & Proceed, and be cautious when changing the lanes

Like cockroach if you don’t make a calculated move. You could miss out on life.
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Free Domain Registrars

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If you are looking out for a free domain extensions or redirects for your blogs. I wont recommend you all to main a site under a free domain name but if you are in an extremely critical situation and out of cash and do not really have any other option then here I am reviewing the top free domain Registrars around in the Internet.

Here is the list :

1) .CO.CC – This is the most popular free domain registrar out there and offers a lot of features like URL Redirection, adding own Nameservers, CNAME, A, MX, TXT records, Google Apps, Windows Live Custom domain etc. This is the leading free domain used by people who are just starting out in the internet as well as experienced people. This registrar takes our number no. 1 spot in the top fee domain registrar list. This domain extension is also quite search engine friendly compared to other free domain extensions. Domains which are used for personal purposes are free for lifetime but you will need to renew it each year (for free) while domain which will be used for commercial purposes are free for the first year and after that you will need to renew it at 3$ per year. Domains which have keywords or names very popular will cost your around 3$+. The commercial and non-commercial thing is just a saying, there is no such check even if you use the free domain for commercial purposes. You can register up to 4 domains from a single account. The good thing is that it can be easily used for your blogger account by editing the CNAME records.

CO.CC:Free Domain

2).CZ.CC:  The number 2 on the list comes This is a relatively  new domain registrar compared to but has gained much popularity in its small lifetime. This domain registrar too provides all the features that URL Forwarding, Nameservers and Zone Records. You can register up to 5 domains here and it is free for life time ( you got to renew it every year but it is free for each year). This domain registrar also provides options like SSL, Privacy, Lock and also allows you to push your domain to some other account at quite cheap prices unlike which does not allow these features. You also get a 1$ dollar credit when you sign up which can be used to but these additional features. You can get more free credits by completing some free offers and surveys.
3) This is also a relatively new free domain registrars compared to the others. It is domain registrar based in Turkey. It was released along with it’s sister domain registrar Like the others it provides features like link cloaking, URL redirection, Nameservers, MX , Free Zone Records, Sitebuilder, Google Apps, Windows Live etc. The good thing that this domain registrar does is provides as sitebuilder so if you are in need of a very basic site then this domain can come to very good use. The cost of premium (i.e Keyword or one word domains) is 99.99$
4) It is the same as since they are from the same owners only the extension name is different.
5) .TK : The number three spot goes to .tk. .tk is the oldest free domain registrar that is there online. Did you know that .tk is the official country level tld of Tokelau, a country in the South Pacific. The main reason that they are giving this clTLD free is because they want to help the Government of Tokelau by the royalty fees that is earned when a domain is sold. When I first started the internet I could see a lot of .tk links all over. At that time websites using .tk domains were forced to put up .tk’s advertisements(called tikilinks) in their website (it showed at the header location in the website just like sites hosted on Godaddy’s free hosting) and they allowed only URL Redirection and did not provide for Nameservers services. But now things have changed drastically. Now, we can use Custom Nameservers with .tk domains as well as URL redirection. We can register unlimited amount of domains, the only condition is that you atleast recieve more than 25 visitors in your domain every 90 days.
6) This domain registrar is one of the other very first free domain registrar like .tk. But like .tk they were very late in implementing custom nameservers system which made them loose a lot users to the other free domain registrar like and but now they are providing custom nameservers facilities now. Even though they are still not providing facilities like MX and Zone Records.
7) is also one of the very first free domain registrars. When it started it had only a few subdomains and a few long domains under which they could provide DNS services but now there is more than 58,510 domains and sub domains you can choose from. And there are some very cool short domains to choose from for e.g.,,, You can change NS, DNS details, MX etc.
There are Some other free domain registars  in the internet but they do not allow Custom Nameservers, they only allow URL redirections. Here is the list:
8 ) : You can choose from four domain extension,,, It allows URL redirection with cloaking
9) : This free domain registrar also provides URL Redirection only. Some domain extensions you can register,,, There are other extensions too check the list here.

10) : Get free domain here. It is a little bit lengthy process but you do get a domain after all. Well but setting this domain up you will need a DNS server to host your domain.

Six words Story II

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Hi guys,Interpret this 6 words story and comment...

Broken WingImage by Write Pics via Flickr

Fell hard, But got up again!!!

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College life

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Every New semester:

Image Hosted by

After 1st week:
Image Hosted by

After the 2nd week:
Image Hosted by

Before the mid-term test:
Image Hosted by

During the mid-term test:
Image Hosted by

After the mid-term test:
Image Hosted by

Before the final exam:
Image Hosted by

Once get to know the final exam schedule:
Image Hosted by

7 days before the final exam:
Image Hosted by

6 days before the final exam:
Image Hosted by

5 days before the final exam:
Image Hosted by

4 days before the final exam:
Image Hosted by

3 days before the final exam:
Image Hosted by

2 days before the final exam:
Image Hosted by

1 day before the final exam:
Image Hosted by

The night before the final exam:
Image Hosted by

1 hour before the final exam:
Image Hosted by

During the final exam:
Image Hosted by

Once walk out from the examination hall:
Image Hosted by

After the final exam, during the holiday:
Image Hosted by

That's college!!

Demeaning Job

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A typical road in Goa, India.
Well to say I have been in this job for more than a week now. Hmmm people in here are very kind hearted, helpful and all that. But I can already tell you that it totally sucks and this is not what I'm meant for. Looking out for something more challenging!!!

The best part working in Goa is i can hang out with my old friends after hours. In short  having fun filled days before actual professionalism...


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Hi Guys...

Finally DuDo is employed in Goa :) and finding tough to find time from his busy schedule in office and fun filled evenings to update blog often... Please stay tuned for more juicy updates.



Shaiju Mathew : A feature

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 Shaiju Mathew is the author of the most anticipated novel of the year, ‘Knocked Up.’ Most anticipated because no other book in the recent history has created such curiosity and interest in the minds of the readers. People who got a glimpse of the same on Facebook says its an ultimate story about friendship, love and fulfilling dreams told in a very simple and hillarious way.  He has a huge fan following over the social networking site 'Facebook'. 

'Knocked Up' was released in UAE by Richbull Marketing in a limited authored signed edition of 500 copies to raise funds for a charity and the good news is that the entire lot of 500 was exhausted in 7 days flat and still there are more demands for the book by prospective readers due to word of mouth publicity.
On asking him how does it feel after releasing Knocked Up to such a thunderous response he says, “I am feeling great and honoured that my work has been liked by so many people and we are also able to raise funds for the charity that my mother believes in” with a satisfied smile on his face.
However, the journey of a simple boy from Pune to the most promising author of his generation was not a very easy task for Shaiju. He says about his journey as “the most exciting time of his life.” Shaiju had to face many hurdles before he decided to publish his own work so that he could do maximum justice to the book and also bring about awareness among the general public about his book via extensive promotions for which he chose the social networking site ‘Facebook’. “When I started out promoting my work, I got tremendous response from many people who liked my synopsis and the sample chapters that I circulated to gauge the pulse of the reading crowd” he says with a smile.
Shaiju Mathew says he is a true blue Pune boy who loves Pune and the people out here. He was born and brought up in Pune. He studied in St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Khadki and also did his MBA in HR from the acclaimed Pune University. “Pune is the best place in this world as I have so many beautiful memories of my childhood and growing up years here” he reminisces about his childhood days and also confirms his liking for Pune. He further adds “Pune is the base of my story and all the events that take place in my book are situated in Pune. Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and has its own unique place in the history books too.”
Shaiju although a Malayali likes to be known as a Punekar and prefers Maharashtrian dishes over South Indian fare he says “Although I respect my own culture I somewhere feel that I am a true Maratha from my heart and soul. My favourite dish is saadi varan and amti bhaath, I even love Puran Poli and my weakness is Shrikhand Puri and Sabudana Wada.”
On asking what he misses the most about Pune as he is based in Bangalore now, he says "I miss Ganesh Chaturthi and all the festivals celebrated  here as I have so many memories of these festivals. I still remember that during Ganesh Chaturthi I and my friend Praveen used to decorate the space where we used to keep the idol in his house and also prepare for the puja. I was well versed with all the Ganesh Aarti’s and used to sing them. During Diwali apart from bursting crackers I alongwith my group of friends used to build ‘Killa’ with clay and bricks and decorate it with small idols of Shivaji Maharaj and his soldiers... Oh those were the days” he remembers.
Being an accomplished singer he tried to make his career in singing which took him to the south as there were more opportunities, however, he couldn’t make it big there due to heavy competition and due to a throat injury. However his other passion that was for writing still stuck to him which helped him explore totally another creative field. He says, “ I have no regrets about my failed singing career because I will make a comeback soon and pursue singing with full dedication. However, writing was always there in me as I used to write diaries when I was a kid and also wrote short stories and poems which were my base for writing novels.”
Shaiju has also been writing articles for few magazines and entertainment portals as a freelancer. He also has his own blog where he pens his thoughts and there are many people who like what he writes. “Blogging was something I started and then stopped in the middle but I resumed it again after my friends coerced me to do so. Even my first book was published because of my friend Praveen who encouraged me and forced me to finish the book and get it printed” he laughs loud and continues “I got so many good people who guided me and helped me in accomplishing my dream especially Mr. Aditya Kripalani – author of Backseat and Mr. Vasant Kamat – CEO of Dolphin Publications and also my creative team which comprises of Jasmin, Sakhi, Vikram, Shrijit and Mohit.”

Shaiju’s debut work ‘Knocked Up’ is a simple story of three best friends Sid, Ron and Prateik who are teenagers living in Pune. They are directionless in their life and are trying to find a meaning to their existence. The story is very simple and humorous. The comedy is not forced but situational. Shaiju describes this coming up of age story as a modern version of R.K. Narayan’s ‘Swami and Friends.’ “Anyone and everyone who got a chance to read my book even before its official release in India has compared the book to ‘Malgudi Days’, ‘Swami and Friends,’ ‘3 Idiots’ and Sue Townsends ‘Adrian Mole’ series. There has also been a section of readers who compared it to Chetan Bhagat’s style of writing. All these feedbacks have made me feel proud of my book and I am sure everyone would definitely like it.”
Shaiju has also started his own Publication “Magic Moments” which will promote not only new and old authors but also other creative people who are involved in the process of making a book. He says, “A novel is a team effort. Every book you pick up in the market, will give you information about the author and the publication house but no one knows who edited the book, who designed the cover, who compiled the book etc etc... Magic Moments believes in giving credit to each and every person who has contributed towards the book and we will give equal opportunities to every creative person who wants to work with us.” He is also working on a unique model of business partnership through which more and more authors and creative people will benefit from their work.
“Writers / Authors are the worst paid and the most neglected lot in India. So I want to do something for the benefit of my community in general and gather more recognition for my fellow members. Moreover, publication business has more potential in India as we have the high number of book reading public in the world”, he further emphasizes.
When asked about his future projects he says that he is currently working on few movie scripts and also involved in building the credibility of his publication house in the market. There are few manuscripts he is short listing to be published under his publication.
Shaiju Mathew’s message to the aspiring authors in the country is “Pursue your dreams and do not let it die as dreams do come true” and he points at himself as an example.
Guyz who are not able to go to a store and purchase a copy of KNOCKED Up pls go and order the book from the following link at a 30% discount.
 His personal site : 
                  Blog :


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 I feel like a puppet whose strings got cut,
learning to walk on its own.
Bruises and wounds become my stepping stones,
experiences are my broken bones.
Twisting thoughts, bending dreams
I let go the remaining strings 
Dancing to the endless rhythm of life,
I vanquish my burning desires...

Wonder whats next??

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Wonder What's NEXT?
Over the edge of the lifeline,
 i stand alone seeking solace, 

Life's still but mind isn't there,
body functioning and moving on.

I wonder whats next???

Wish to see life at a different pace.

Don't push me down the cliff,
i wish to see whats next....

 'm disappointed to see my indirank gone down from 74-68. :( I still don't have a Google page rank.   

Know me more

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As good as heart can wish
Hello sir,

It was great meeting you yesterday, I'm happy that you had considered me as one of the potential candidate to assist you in the ******** ****** process.

Sir as I had mentioned to you that the work won't interest me. I don't want to commit to the work in which I can't put my 100% to it. I'm toi-ing with some plans in my mind and i wish to pursue it.

I hereby attach the ppt of the work that you had entrusted to me yesterday, hope it helps you, it may contain some errors please forgive me. It was a new learning experience.

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 18:  People use the inter...  
You may think I'm stubborn, But its my 'CAN'T SAY NO' attitude to someone. I have learned many fruitful lessons and  at times bad experiences. I felt good and I'm happy with this decision.

Hoping to meet you in future again. Thanking you

Yours Truly

Shrijit Nair


Dear Shrijit,
                     I thank you for your time and efforts. I am also touched by your feelings, both about your own self and me.

I fully appreciate your stand, and I wish you all the best in your life.

Please note that I shall be more than happy to be of any guidance / help to you.

S B.

PS: I don't wish to reveal the names and the work entrusted. This post is just to give you a chance to know me more... :)

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