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Bad hair Sunday!!!

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Oh Man!!! What a messy Day!!!!


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My heart skips when ever you are near,
erases all the bitter memories
is there any bond between us?

you swept me off my feet
when your voice reached my ears,
is there any bond between us?

every night i crawl into my bed
i lie awake thinking about you.
does that mean,
there is a bond between us?

i feel the life is empty without your presence,
does that mean,
there is a bond between us?

my life has made me trust-less,
should i trust someone again?
but your thought makes me rethink
does that mean,
there is a bond between us?

we spend hours and hours over the phone about nothing,
it makes me feel i have someone besides me.
does that mean,
there is a bond between us?

you made me happy, while i was sad,
you made me calm, when i was frustrated,
does that mean,
there is a bond between us?

huh!!! since you have abandoned me for nothing....
i realize...

there is no bond between us...

Kaminey – A stunning drama : A review

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Kaminey – A stunning drama

Direction: Vishal Bharadwaj

Whell wht 2 say abt this movie.. v can say its the reincarnation of bollywood. we xpect smethin new in every scene.. the movie movie that keeps u hooked up to the screen throughout.. if u miss sme u loose the most of it.... so watch it carefully... Vishal Bharadwaj has given us a new bollywood.. i predict this movie will be a trend setter for new indian movies. this tale of twin brothers rocks..

I'm sure Shahid Kapoor’s performance in this movie will increase his fan counter. what a make over of this guy man!!! thx to da director and script writers for this.

an awsome beginning narration and a tremendous climax...

its totally a paisa vasool movie...

my take on this: 9/10

Parents want mercy killing for disabled sons

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Lucknow, Aug 11 (IANS) A farmer and his wife in Uttar Pradesh have sought President Pratibha Patil’s permission for the mercy killing of all their four sons who have turned into virtual vegetables.
The four, aged 10 to 16 years, have been afflicted by muscular dystrophy, a genetic disease that has confined them tPratibha Patilo bed.

“My sons cannot stand on their feet. They are unable to move their body below the neck. I see their distress every day. Now when doctors too have lost hope, I want they should die. Death would be the ultimate solution for their suffering,” farmer Jeet Narayan of Bashi village of Mirzapur district, some 300 km from Lucknow, has said in his letter to Patil.

“My sons are in utter discomfort. I cannot see their helplessness any more. So, we have written to the president that our sons be killed through euthanasia,” Narayan’s wife Prabhavati told IANS over telephone.

Narayan has told his neighbours that he has sold of all his valuables to meet the medical expenses of his sons.

“Our financial resources have been exhausted. I even sold off the parental land. Moreover, I owe nearly Rs.2 lakhs to moneylenders,” he said.

Prabhavati said muscular dystrophy afflicted her sons when they were five years old. She identified them as Durgesh, 16, Sarvesh, 14, Brijesh, 11, and Suresh, 10. All four were normal children until then.

The couple now fear their four-year-old daughter may become disabled when she turns five.

“Till now our daughter is doing fine but we are quite worried about her. She might meet the same fate like her brothers after a year or so,” said Prabhavati.

what should the president do?


Russian Drunk YOGA

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As nature healing and yogasanas are picking up in a heavy pace i thought this would be worth sharing...

Russian drunk yoga. Nothing is impossible for a drunk man :)))

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The Hangover: review

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Directed by: Todd Phillips

The whole movie is about three best friends (Cooper, Helms, and Bartha) and one awkward tag along (Galifianakis), going to celebrate the bachelor's party one last night of manly freedom before one of them gets married. They are off to Las Vegas After a wild and crazy night they promise each other they’ll never forget, they wake up the next morning unable to remember a thing–especially where the groom is.

With only 24 hours to find him and get back to Los Angeles for the wedding, they retrace their steps to find out where their missing friend could be (also, how that tiger got in the bathroom).its a worthy entrant of the guy movie, it has all the ingredients for the perfect comedy.

An excellent entertainer.. a must watch

My rating 8/10

Marley & Me : Movie Review

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Starring: Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston

Director: David Frankel

Well guys Marley & Me is an adaptation of the autobiography of the same name Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog written by journalist John Grogan.
Owen Wilson plays the role of the journalist John Grogan and Jennifer Aniston plays his wife Jenny Grogan. the couple wants to start a family but they are not sure whether they are upto it so they decide to bring home a dog to see if they are ready to raise a family. the dog turns out to be the world's worst dog. But the film revolves around Marley for the 14 years that he was with John Grogan.

An excellent film and to say one of the finest movies where a human-pet relation is portrayed in such a exceptional way. Meanwhile there are other issues of the Grogan family when they have to deal with Marley once they get kids and the pressures of parenthood. Simply so realistic in today's world. This one is for the family because of the emotions that are present in this movie.

Owen Wilson has done a brilliant job and the story mostly revolves around him and Marley as he writes his column in a daily newspaper about Marley's antics and becomes an instant hit. Jennifer Aniston has given one of her finest performances here though she doesnt look anywhere close to the charm and beauty she once had. In simple words she looks old in this flick.

An excellent family entertainer

My Rating: 7/10

Tomorrow is not worth waiting for.....

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tomorrow is not worth waiting for.
sure, there will be sunshine (with
a slight chance of rain) and sure,
some kid will be smiling, and yes,
life is still

but it's not like anyone cares.

you just want someone to love you,

misery and tears and all. maybe you
could spend saturdays curled up
under the covers, memorizing
the patterns of breathing. maybe
you could count the seconds but
the problem is that there would never
be enough, the problem is that

there's nothing there to love.

no one is listening.

i'd write you a letter, but
you'd never read it. i'm stuck
screaming into my own heart,
wondering if anything is in there
anymore, wondering if
this is even worth it.

wake up, self.
wake up.


you want to force fingers
down your throat just to cause
self-destruction, you want
to suffocate yourself (it's
easier than breathing), you want
to sleep and never wake up, you
want to find your dreams and destroy
every one of them.

you want to die.

i understand.

A night with the Cupid!!!

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(characters here: me, the cupid, the words in brackets are voices in my head)
This place, i knw u wont believe i visited the heaven last night, It was magical really, it was my dream, lol.

It's, well, I reminded myself is the fantasy of my mind. Fairies n angels passing me by. But wait!! WOW whoz

this??? guess whom did i meet????

Met the love guru "the cupid" himself. I hesitated a bit to go and talk to him... but gathered up a bit of courage

and approached him.

here it goes....

me: Greetings my lord!!!!(i can't believe i'm saying it)

Mr. Cupid: hmmm Dudo, What brings you here???? oh let me guess... your life is boring, You are single, why don't u have any girlfriend..

Blah blah blah....

me: (My mouth wide open while he said that, then i finally spoke) yeah you are right??? whtz wrong with me? Don't i deserve any one?

Mr. Cupid: Nah its not that... You do deserve my child!!!

me: (Child ???? he looks more like a cute little child, how is he a god?) oh yeah den??

Mr. Cupid: Don't worry, Its just this....

me: (now what?? is he gonna say i'm not ready??? duh)

Mr. Cupid:
I was on my regular rounds on earth.. den i heard a cute lady praying to me..

me: a cute lady (Hope she has brains)???

Mr. Cupid: yes!!!

me: what was she saying???

Mr. Cupid: its nothing she, your partner was praying to keep you single.

me: aaaa... wht?

Mr. Cupid: yes she prays every day. i can't ignore dat!!!

me: where is she??? when will i meet her???

this is when my stupid phone rang....

it was my friend on the phone.... me: for gods sake man its 3:00 am in the morning!!! i knw u work on night shifts,

that doesn't mean u wake me up from a beautiful dream, where i get my address of my future partner...

well i think its more philosophical too "you should be happy with what you have... god knows when to give what"

Statistics Notes

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well here is a set of statistics notes for MBA... download it and share it... do subscribe me for more mba notes...

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Quantitive Techniques notes

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Here are the notes for Quantitive techniques... though its frm bharathiar university but it helps... it covers most of the topics...

Quantitative Techniques for Management
Quantitative Techn...
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Accounting and finance notes

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Hi here are the complete set of accounts and finance notes.... download it from the link below. its actually a copy of a site...

Accounting and finace notes
Accounting and fin...
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Managerial economics notes

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here is da notes for managerial economics...
Topics covered: Managerial economics
1. What is Managerial Economics?
2. How does economic theory contribute to managerial decision ?
3. Define and explain the Economics with the Views of different economists?
4. Views of the economist : Explanation
5. Major economic problems
6. Macro and micro economics
7. Scale of production
8. Advantage and disadvantage of large scale production
9. Joint Stock company
10. Difference between public limited company and private company
11. Utility
12. Marginal utility
13. Characteristics affecting consumer behaviour
14. Law of diminishing marginal utility
15. Importance of law of Consumption
16. Factors of production
17. Problems in Organisation
18. Localisation of Industry
19. Demand forecasting objectives
20. Price Discrimination
21. isoquant curves
22. Multi product pricing
23. Profit constraint and revenue maximisation
24. Demand analysis
25. What is the basic objectives of a firm? Explain the role and responsibility on Managerial Economics?
26. Profit business objective
27. Maximisation of Managerial Utility function
28. Short Run & Long Run
29. Nature Marginal analysis
30. What are the main techniques of demand estimation? What is their reliability?
31. Trend Projection
32. 10 principles of Economics
33. Explain Baumol’s theory of sales revenue maximization
34. Theory of capital and investment decision.
35. What do you understand by Opportunity cost ?

Manegerial economics
Manegerial economi...
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more comin in....

Become a magician!!!!

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My huge collection of Magic tricks revealed, David blaine tricks, Criss Angel, and other card tricks... feel free to download it...

Study materials for GMAT, TOEFL, GRE n more...

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Well this is my 1st post For the mba aspirants here r few study materials that would help them.....on GRE GMAT, TOEFL study materials....


62years of indpendence an Ultimate Video!!!!

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As India celebrates its 62 years of Independence... i stumbled upon a gr8 video online which i would like to share. Its a gr8 question that Shiv Khera Asks "Do you want the next 50 years to be like the last 50 years?” in his documentary “Country First – Nation Above Everything” He reminds us to be a better citizen... to make a better India. Enjoy This Independence and prepare for a better tomorrow....


Call to the lost friend!!!

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After a 16 yrs of long gap... i found wht i was searchin for... mobile no. of a long lost friend. thanks to the networking sites, to specify orkut. Spoke to him n felt really nice... It was surprising that he still remembers me...

Save Water!!!!

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1. Water gives life to all creating beings.
2. Water always seeks its own course.
3. Water possesses both the active courage to overcome all obstacles
and the passive conformity to fit any container.
4. Water, clean in itself, cleanses filth and contains both pure and impure.
5. Water, expecting no repentance, grants strength and light and gives
the immeasurable access to fertility of life.
6. Water fills the oceans, and whithout losing its being, becomes steam,
cloud, rain, snow or fog.
To live with a mind like water grants the key to piece of mind, good health
and a long life.

Friendship Special

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Thanks for being my friend....


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In this heavy rain a friend will offer you an umbrella but a best-friend will Close your umbrella and say "LETS RUN BITCH" Thanks for being my best friends....

Happy Friendship day!

Firefox 1000000000 + You

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Mozilla firefox celebrates its 1billion downloads. They plan to launch a new site

Ofcourse more important than downloads is the actual no. of its active users. Official stats shows that firefox has gained 22% of browser market. Up by 4% than last year. But the point is that will it withstand the tough competition from safari n da search engine giant's google chrome, which it claims to be the fastest browser ever...

If all of these continues to come at the internet explorers expense! Which is steadily loosing its market share... With the increase in the web users day by day n development in technology nothing can be predicted. All we have to do is wait and watch...

Trusting you is all i ever had.......

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Is this true? trust is all we do... but why we all end up with the same???

Basically a bad day!!!

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I don't remember the last bad day I had, except that I frowned at it and shook
my finger, saying "BAD! Bad Day!"

That spate of strong language made the day cower in the corner and stay out of
my way. That angered me even more, since it had already ruined things. The
least it could have done would have been to continue wreaking havoc on my life
for the full length of the day. You know, sunrise to sunset.

I went along most cheerily for years until today when it came up at me with a
vengeful force that made me want to cower in the corner. This time, there was
no finger wagging -- I was in a mean enough mood to fight it to the bitter end.

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